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  • Is HECT harmful to the health of the user?
    According to the WHO, field strengths up to 2 Tesla are absolutely harmless to living beings. The flux density at HECT is between 20 and 84mT. So far below. Furthermore, we were able to scientifically prove the harmlessness to living organisms as part of our study.
  • Can HECT therapy harm my animal?
    HECT (HighEnergyCellTreatment) has no negative effects on your animal. You will be informed about contraindications by your veterinarian or your therapist.
  • What side effects may occur with HECT treatment in horses?
    While a small percentage of treated subjects reported fatigue or first worsening, these adverse reactions do not occur in horses according to evidence-based feedback from our veterinarians. Horses that are tired and tense as a result of sports use appear significantly “fresher” and regenerate faster after the HECT application. Initial worsening in pain patients has not been observed to date.
  • Dürfen tragende Stuten mit HECT therapiert werden?
    No, because we do not want to assume liability for complications in the carrying condition.
  • Can HECT be used in addition to conservative treatments?
    Absolutely, our veterinarians know which therapy intervals are best suited for the different disease scenarios.
  • What can affect the success of HECT treatment?
    Exercising horses too early – against the advice of our veterinarians – can lead to relapses. Lameness according to e.g. Tendon injuries do not automatically mean that the defect is completely healed. In any case, this should be clarified with the veterinarian. A controlled load in rehabilitation is crucial here.
  • In which mode are HECT treatments billed?
    The duration and frequency of treatment is determined according to the indication and in consultation with a veterinarian and billed by the minute.
  • Are there any contraindications to be taken into account when using equitron-pro?
    ENSURE THAT THE USER: – Do not wear a pacemaker or other sensitive implants! – Is not pregnant! – Does not have epilepsy! MAKE SURE THE HORSE: – Not pregnant!
  • When do the first therapeutic successes occur or do I find out whether the HECT therapy helps my sick horse?
    Usually, with muscle tension, a noticeable improvement is already after the first application. In case of diseases and injuries of the Musculoskeletal system (tendon injuries, inflammation, wound healing disorders) was able to accelerate the healing process as part of our study be proven. The body’s own protein production is thus increased and manipulated that eg. the formation of scar tissue can be prevented; and thus significantly reduces the recurrence rate. Unlike the person who immediately verbally relieves the pain can communicate, we must in animals on visible signs of rehabilitation (swelling, improved gait, etc.)
  • How many therapy units does my pet need?
    This depends on the disease picture, the severity (acute or chronic) and the constitution of the patient. Our veterinarians and users have extensive experience, so that they can provide real information in the individual case.
  • Can I also use HECT on my horse during an equestrian tournament or is this form of therapy on the doping list?
    HECT treatments are the doping-free alternative – and therefore particularly suitable for tournament use (regeneration between competitions, warming up before competition, etc.). Especially for tournament use, equitron-pro is additionally offered with a powerful external battery, so that therapy can be performed in each horse box independently of an available power connection. The HECT is accepted by FEI and can be confirmed with a certificate on request. (acc. FEI devices of this type may only be used with a maximum flow density of 100mT)
  • Up to what age is therapy with equitron-pro useful?
    That's entirely up to you. From our point of view, equitron-pro can significantly improve the quality of life of seniors, who are plagued by many “little zippers” at the end of their lives.
  • Do I need special training to perform HECT treatments?
    No special training is necessary. Intensive training is compulsory upon purchase and is confirmed with a certificate. This way your own horses can be cared for safely and effectively. However, we attach great importance to the fact that only those groups of people offer HECT treatments commercially, which have relevant experience in the treatment of horses and are trained accordingly. As part of our academy, training and further education are offered.
  • What is the difference to other therapies?
    SHOCK WAVE THERAPY: In contrast to shock wave therapy, equitron-pro does not generate a sound pressure wave, but rather a highly energetic electromagnetic pulse field. In contrast to the shock wave, the treatment is painless. No sedation required. CLASSIC MAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY: Compared to classical magnetic field therapy devices, equitron-pro induces a strong pulsed magnetic field that penetrates more than 20 cm deep, modulating gene expression and positively influencing it. To date, this has not been detectable with other magnetic field therapies. LASER: Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation“. Translated, it means “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. In order to achieve this light amplification, beams of light are bundled in a laser and therefore more energy-rich. The laser penetrates skin and tissue layers and stimulates certain points of the body by stimulating stimuli, similar to acupuncture. A positive effect should be achieved by releasing energy to the connective tissue, which should have a stimulating effect on tissue parts, especially in so-called trouble spots. The laser light is intended to promote blood circulation, support the reduction of swelling, have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the cell membranes and relieve pain. In addition, the irradiation with focused light should activate the metabolic process in the cells, the tissue should react and the cell wall structures should change positively. There is little scientific evidence of efficacy. TENS: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is an electromedical therapy method, which is used primarily for the treatment of pain and for muscle stimulation. In this procedure, the electrical irritation of skin areas occurs via surface electrodes with the aim of achieving an inhibition of pain perception by means of this stimulation. Furthermore, the formation of endorphins is stimulated. These are substances in the body that contribute to pain relief. Since the success of therapy varies from patient to patient, the electrical stimulation parameters and optimal electrode positions must be tested individually for each patient before the procedure is considered ineffective. The best results are to be expected in acute and subacute pain. In chronic pain, the efficacy is often good at first, but often wears off after a few weeks. In the best case, painkillers can be reduced or even stopped altogether. EMS: The abbreviation “EMS” stands for electro-myo stimulation. The transverse striated skeletal muscles are controlled to contract by the action of low-frequency current impulses. While in conventional training the muscles are directed via electrical signals to the central nervous system, in EMS training the muscles react to the electrical impulses of the external electrodes. The muscle is basically unable to distinguish whether the stimulus comes from the brain or from outside, it reacts with a contraction. The EMS training therapy combines static and dynamic functional exercises. The patient wears a functional vest with electrodes. Bioelectric impulses flow through these electrodes, which activate and demand all muscle groups in the body at the same time. With EMS training therapy, all muscle groups are trained synchronously. EMS training therapy covers about 90% of the muscles of our body.
  • Is there any scientific evidence?
    In close collaboration with the Paracelsus Medical Private University Salzburg, in April 2019, we were able to conduct an in-vitro study on 3D tendon constructions in published in the renowned journal “Cells”. Thus, the effect is scientifically proven by HECT. Click here for the publication:
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