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healthfactories biotech GmbH Bräumühlweg 5c 5101 Bergheim, Austria ​


Tel.: +43 6245 2320080 Email: Web: FN 472896 k, Salzburg Regional Court UID: ATU72711318 ​




Manufacture and distribution of high-frequency therapy devices Hallein District Authority Supervisory Authority Member of the WKO ​


healthfactories biotech GmbH is legally represented by the managing director: Karin Reichl ​




Equal treatment is important to us! In all texts on this website, however, the female grammatical forms have been omitted in the interests of equal treatment due to better readability - but of course all content applies equally to both genders.




Responsible for the content: healthfactories biotech GmbH, Karin Reichl All content is carefully checked, constantly expanded and updated. Regardless, the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the data cannot be guaranteed. ​




This website contains links (“hyperlinks”) to other websites. The publisher has no control over compliance with copyright and data protection regulations by the operators of these websites or over their content and availability, therefore no liability whatsoever can be assumed for the content offered there. If one of the pages linked to contains questionable or illegal content, please let us know; In such a case, the link will be deleted immediately. Links to this website are welcome. Transferring the main window to a frame set of the link setter is not permitted.



The texts, images, graphics, files, etc. used on this website are subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. Their distribution, modification, commercial use or use in other websites or media requires the express written consent of healthfactories biotech GmbH.




The products of the equitron classes use high voltage. The devices in these product classes may only be used in the manner shown in the operating instructions provided. The devices are designed for use by qualified personnel.


even if they are versions for non-medical use. Opening the device can lead to serious injuries or even death. ​




It is stated that the products of the equitron product class manufactured and sold by healthfactories biotech GmbH are designed for use in veterinary medicine.


Even though the positive effects of the aforementioned products for numerous areas of application have been examined in studies by medical and veterinary universities, healthfactories biotech GmbH does not make any promise of any kind of cure. Whether and under what circumstances the use of one of the aforementioned products on humans and animals is suitable and/or advantageous in individual cases must be clarified by a doctor or veterinarian on a case-by-case basis. Healthfactories biotech GmbH is merely the manufacturer of the product.




The use of all products in the equitron classes, regardless of whether they were designed for veterinary or human medical treatments or for non-medical treatment (wellness), are based on the principle of magnetic resonance. Under no circumstances may they be used on or in the immediate vicinity of animals with implants or on or by people with known contraindications (pacemakers, pregnancy, epilepsy, etc.).


Before commissioning, the supplied operating instructions must be observed. Products designed for use in human medicine may only be used by approved and certified products legally authorized persons are served.


The legal regulations applicable to the treatment of humans and animals in the respective treatment country must be observed. ​




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